Since I was a kid and first became curious about diving, it has had the ability to blow me away. Add underwater photography, and diving reaches a whole new level, daring one to attempt to capture the ineffable beauty and diversity we see underwater. It challenges us to conjoin both the technical and the artistic. Underwater photography combines diving with the challenge of capturing the beauty and diversity we see when we dive. It is at once both technical and artistic. 

Luckily, I am able to share this passion with my wife, Debbie, and my two daughters. Since moving to Southern Florida from Virginia in 2008, we have loved the ability to jet off in the morning for an afternoon dive, and have taken advantage of some of the great dive locations away from home as well.

SFUPS has allowed me to share my photos and enjoy others’ great work. It has also greatly expanded my wife’s concept of how much is reasonable and prudent to spend on photographic equipment and dive trips! 

I have recently retired my Fuji S5pro and Ikelite housing for a Nikon D300s in a Nauticam housing. I am using Nikon 12-24, 60, and 105 mm lenses, a SubSee +10 Magnifier, and Ikelite DS 125/160 strobes and an Athena ring flash. You can see more of my work a