Diver since age 11 and in love with Photography, Guillaume Bauch started an Underwater Photography career in 2012. As far as Guillaume can remember, he always had a camera in his hands, whether it was the DSRL of his parents or the Polaroid he received for Christmas at age 11, Guillaume always enjoyed freezing memories forever.

After he moved to Florida late 2009, Guillaume discovered that he could enjoy the sport he had only been practicing on vacation: scuba diving. In less than two years, Guillaume went from PADI Advanced Open Water to PADI Divemaster in addition to Emergency First Response Instructor and from 120 dives to now more than 450 logged dives in different environment and conditions. Guillaume also traveled to Mexico and the Bahamas several times to discover what shark diving was all about. Between hand feeding Caribbean Reef Sharks off the coast of Grand Bahama, diving with massive groups of lemon sharks, caressing 14 foot tiger sharks, swimming among dozens of whales sharks in Mexico, observing large congregations of Hammerhead sharks or interacting with Great White Sharks off the coast of Guadalupe, his underwater cameras captured incredible moments. But more recently, Guillaume’s dream was achieved: Guillaume entered the water, cage free, with a Great White Shark in the Florida Keys. “I’ve always wanted to swim, cage free, with a Great White Shark, today I realized my dream,” Guillaume remembers on May 5. Fortunately for Guillaume, he had his camera with him and captured incredible pictures of this encounter.

“I love photography because I can freeze moments and have them forever without any distortion. Photography is an art that shows the reality of things without anyone trying to interpret the scene for you. Imagining the story is left to the creativity of the viewers’ mind.” Guillaume has evolved from a person with a camera to a professional photographer in just a year and a half. He puts a lot of effort into learning how to work his cameras and understanding the importance of mastering his crafting skills to obtain the best composition out of an environment.