Much of my photography is driven by my attempt to capture details of “the big picture”. I use panoramic techniques to capture large images in very high resolution. I tailor my photographic solutions to unusual circumstances through creation of customized equipment. Cameras may range from a modified military reconnaissance large format film camera to pocket digital. I am also strongly influenced by having grown up near the launch facilities of Cape Canaveral. (My father worked for NASA). I enjoy the process of fabricating new “gizmos” in my garage to fit the needs of a photographic project. This has resulted in me being called a “garage-ista” and adds greatly to my enjoyment of my efforts.

I am a new comer to underwater photography. My introduction was due to a need to protect cameras I was using to photograph the Space Shuttle launches. We needed to protect them from rain and became the proud owners of a prototype underwater housing for the new Hasselblad digital medium format cameras. They were quickly re-purposed back to underwater use as the space shuttles stopped flying. I am now a very enthusiastic underwater photographer and looking forward to learning from my SFUPS friends.