I have always wanted to scuba dive. I remember as a child growing up in New Jersey watching Diver Dan, Flipper, Sea Hunt and Jacques Cousteau television programs. After high school I moved to Florida and soon after became a certified diver. A few years after my certification I purchased a Nikonis IVA, but I wasn’t impressed with my results. After years of diving every local reef a hundred times diving was getting monotonous. My wife, Tilda, was just starting in digital photography, in 2000 she had a 1.3meg Canon point & shoot camera, which I bought a plastic underwater housing for and used it on several dives. This revived my interest in underwater photography, the ability to see your photo and its composition immediately after taking the photo increased my learning curve dramatically. After shooting this 1.3 meg camera on a couple of dives I joined SFUPS. This has helped improve my knowledge of underwater photography tremendously. Phil Rudin gave me suggestions on the purchase of an Olympus 7070 point & shoot camera which I used until recently. My equipment now is an Olympus E520 DSLR, Olympus housing and Inon strobes. My fellow bridge divers (Blue Heron Bridge) are an inspiration and have helped me learn how to locate muck critters. My diving experience has taken me to: Bonaire, Dominica, Bahamas, Roatan, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Turks & Cacios. I’m self employed and leaving my business for an extended period of time is difficult, however, when possible my ideal trip would be to dive Indonesia.