• Two submissions will be accepted per contestant (Either two still images, one still and one video, or two videos). Do not submit videos on this page. Go HERE for videos.
  • Prepare your entries. Images will display best if submitted at a resolution of 144 pixels per inch, and 1400 pixels on the long side, in JPEG format and sRGB color space.
  • Do not watermark your images.
  • Please use the following file naming format, including your name: JohnDoe-RPV-Fluoro-1
  • Click on “Submit Entry” located in the blue bar.
  • Fill in a Photo Title – do not include your name as this field is visible to voters.
  • Click on “Choose File” to go to the folder on your computer and select your image file that has been appropriately formatted and named.
  • Click on “Save” – wait until a white box appears with the confirmation message “Contestants Successfully Added.” This will only take a few seconds if you have sized your images correctly. This will be your only confirmation and it will appear below the blue bar. You will not receive a confirmation email.
  • Your image title will also appear below the blue bar along with a red “vote” button. However, “Vote” buttons are inactive until the contest starts.
  • Once you have submitted images they cannot be replaced, so be sure you have chosen your images carefully.
  • By entering Reef Photo & Video’s “Sudden Depth” Fluorescence Imaging Contest, you grant Reef Photo & Video non-exclusive rights to publish your submitted images/videos in the context of promotional use for contests, events, and equipment. Your images/video will not be used without attribution.
  • Winners will be announced Friday, May 29th, 2015.


  • Before voting you should view the images full-size as the thumbnails are cropped.
  • Click on the middle of the first thumbnail image and you will see the full-size image.
  • You will then be able to navigate through all the images in a contest using the white arrows in the middle left and right of each image.
  • To get back to the thumbnail images, click on the black space on either side of the image or hit the middle left and right of each image. Esc (escape).
  • Once you make your decision, return to the thumbnail view and click on the red “Vote Now” button. You will see an acknowledgement that your vote has been registered. Do not vote for your own image.
  • After voting, click on the Return to Main Contest Page button below the thumbnail images.
  • Select the second contest category (photo or video) and place your vote(s).
  • REMEMBER: You get two votes per category; but if you make a mistake it cannot be undone. So please make sure to keep your cursor away from the vote buttons until you are ready to commit.